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Raspberry Pi as a mail server

Having recently been married, I wanted to setup a more family oriented email address for my wife and I, and with an eye on the future, for the kids to use too.

After spending ages trying to find a decent domain name that a) made sense and b) wasn’t already taken, this morning I registered the-morrisons.com.

Having registered a domain name the next step was to find a mail provider, however my default go to was google who host my other mail domains, but google apps is no longer free, so I started researching other providers. Zoho are still free up to 5 users which might be OK, so I book marked them and moved onto the next challenged, finding a DNS provider.

It seems DNS services don’t come cheaply, and my usual provider, DynDNS wanted 30 bucks a year! So I go to thinking…..

I had a domain name and just needed …
DNS services
SMTP/POP3/IMAP services
Spam filters
Antivirus services

I looked over at my £30 raspberry Pi that sat under the TV, nonchalantly running a media service… I wonder…

If I added DynDNS to the list so that I could point my domain name to my RPi, then I could use Bind, Postfix, ClamAV and SpamAssassin all for free. In effect running the whole mail server on one little tiny low power box.

So let the project begin!

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