I became vaguely interested in technology at school back in the late eighties, where we had two Commodore Pet computers, and a BBC micro. My friends at the time were heavily into their ZX Spectrums, buying magazines and spending hours copying out the example programs in machine code, but my folks didn’t have enough spare money to spend on lavish ‘kids toys’ like a computer, so I spent much of my time looking over my friends shoulders.

In 1988 however, I joined IBM on a graduate program and on my desk was an early PC-XT, a colossal beige beast with a 4.77Mhz processor, 512Kb memory, and two 5 1/4″ floppy disks that could store 360Kb of data. In one floppy I had DOS 2.1 and in the other, Lotus 123 1a. Later that year, the resident PC guy (and a sort of mentor for me) came over with a 10MB hard disk and replaced one of the diskettes with it. After finding an book on how the PC worked by Peter Norton, I was hooked and spent the next year learning everything there was to know about PC’s.

The rest happened quite quickly. In 1994 I was programming in REXX for the mainframe, 1996 I moved to Lotus and spent 5 years as a Notes Developer, in 1999 I moved to Boston to write technical ‘how-to’ books on Lotus software, in 2001 I came back to the UK and ran beta programs for Lotus, in 2008 I moved to Madrid as a Sales Engineer for SW Europe, and in 2009 I moved into selling Lotus consulting services.

In 2012 I left IBM for many reasons, it simply wasn’t the company I joined and I didn’t enjoy working their anymore. Since then, I’ve had a year sabbatical, travelling, marrying my beautiful wife and generally enjoying life. Chapter II of my career is due to start soon, where is a little hazy as yet but stay tuned.

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