Sat-Nav of the future

January 18, 2013 Leave a comment

While driving the 270 miles home from Cornwall late last night, my brain kept me occupied by building the Sat-Nav of the future. One that would not just let me know the best way to get to a particular destination and have one eye on the traffic ahead, but one that would also add some new features: 

  • It would be aware of the journey length, and build in stops for breaks, lunches etc. Not just simplistic ‘if journey is greater than 3 hours then rest for 15 mins”, it would know what time I started, whether I’d be travelling through a meal time, or put in a stop for a coffee in the mornings, but not the afternoons. It would know if I was going to arrive back home say 45 mins before a meal, then I probably wouldn’t stop as I’d rather just get home.
  • It would know if I’m driving late at night, that I’ll more likely stop for a strong coffee, and it would know where I could get my favorite coffee from too
  • It would know how much petrol there was in the car, and whether I’d need to stop en-route to fill up, and would know how to get me to the cheapest petrol station without sending me miles out of my way.. and combine that with the tea, coffee, meal breaks above
  • It would know about incoming bad weather, and would adjust journey times accordingly, or re-route me around them. 

Using things like this, it would be able to tell me a more accurate arrival time, let me get there safely, save me money and take me to my preferred coffee shops. 

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Wedding Cars

January 8, 2013 Leave a comment

We’re knee deep in wedding planning this week and ‘transport’ is on the list of things to do. Being completely naive in this area, apart from wanting a nice shiny car, I launched myself into finding suppliers last night and was mildly gob-smacked at the cost to be honest. We have four bridesmaids, a bride and groom and the brides parents to get to and from the church as a bare minimum. This size party needs at least two cars if not three, and it seems that ‘a’ car can be anything from £250-£500 for a 4 hour period. That’s quite a chunk of the wedding budget! How many extra bottles of wine, or canapés, or flowers would that cover? There’s the temptation to economise here, maybe, perhaps, I could ask one of my friends with a fancy car to shuttle some of the bridesmaids to the church, or maybe the brides father good get a lift home with his son instead, and then you stumble across cars like this… 

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The good and bad of Apple’s iOS6 Maps

September 24, 2012 1 comment

This weekend was the first time I got to use the new Maps app properly from iOS6, and it’s a real Jekyll and Hyde of an app. The app itself comes in two distinct modes, the map feature and the turn-by-turn navigation feature. In map mode, you can scroll around the world, zoom in and out, see live traffic and search for things. It does most of the mapping features OK, but searching is not great at best. Read more…

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iOS6 Maps

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m looking forward to trying out the new iOS6 maps tomorrow as I need to drive from Winchester, to London and then down to Cornwall for the weekend. So far, my early impressions are that the routing features seem pretty OK, but the maps themselves are a big step backward from what we previously had courtesy of Google. When looking at area’s of Wales this morning that I know well, it was almost a completely blank area, devoid of town names, roads or other usual land marks, and those that were marked seemed to be off by a matter of +10 miles or so. For example, Snowdonia National Park is marked as a green area on the map, but stops a good 20-30 miles sort of where it’s real boundaries are. Also missing are things like bus stops that I was used to from Google, and it seems that these are being provided by 3rd party addons, but so far I’ve only seen a London Underground addon, which is pretty useless.

I wonder, as there is no immediate replacement maps app from Google, whether Google are letting Apple hang themselves out to dry for a few weeks and let users voice their opinions.

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iOS 6 and Facebook / LloydsTSB

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s an interesting bug. If you click someone’s Facebook name from the new Address Book app the LloydsTSB app opens instead of the Facebook app.

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GIMP now (finally) available as a native Mac app | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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Bronze Medalist Finn

August 12, 2012 Leave a comment


Congrats to the Finns winning bronze in the Elliot 6S class yesterday.

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